We partner with the best clients and empower them to reach the highest value outcomes.

Our clients turn to us to help them manage their wealth in today’s complex and emotionally challenging divorce environment. We are committed to supporting them in their divorce by delivering the best, most innovative financial ideas and analysis.

Despite the best intentions, many individuals find themselves in financial peril after a divorce. Often, this is because they did not possess the resources to skillfully evaluate the financial tradeoffs they faced.

We can help. We possess the tools and knowledge to guide our clients through all the steps required to properly address the financial issues associated with divorce. In addition, we also ensure you make the best decisions throughout the divorce process, including hiring the right divorce attorney, winning child custody, receiving appropriate alimony and spousal support, valuing hidden assets with forensic accounting, and much more. We remove the emotion from decisions and provide our clients with rational, objective facts so that they can make the best decisions about settlements, negotiation and recovery.

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The Truth: Realities About Divorces Part4

Your standard of living will, most likely, drop, the question is: how much?: Married couples realize economies of scale by sharing costs. Think about the valuable things married couples share: housing, cars, even cable TV. There are also intangibles such as child care time or time spent cleaning the house. Once you are separate, you […]

The Truth: Realities About Divorces Part 3

Since you will be selling all of your possessions, it is important to find the highest bidder: At a basic level, the financial processes behind a divorce involve both parties valuing their assets and liabilities. We like to think of this process as equivalent to you selling everything you own (including debts!). The ultimate buyer […]

The Truth: Realities About Divorces Part2

Your financial success or failure will, most likely, depend on your ability to negotiate with your former spouse: Most divorces do not go to trial. Instead, divorce settlements normally result from negotiations that end when both parties feel they have reached a fair settlement. This process is no different, in principle, from the way you […]