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Dana Grigg

A finance industry veteran, Mr. Grigg has held leadership positions at Barclays Global Investors, JP Morgan and Credit Suisse. He holds degrees from Stanford University’s Economics Department and Harvard Business School.

Mr. Grigg’s valuation experience began at Credit Suisse in Zurich, Switzerland where he applied the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) as a method to maximize risk-adjusted returns for Swiss Franc based investors. He also participated in the construction of the first over-the- counter Swiss government bond future.

As a capital markets expert at JP Morgan New York, Mr. Grigg focused on financial advisory services, trading and mathematical modeling of financial assets. As an advisor to Global 2000 corporations, Mr. Grigg endeavored to structure financial products and strategies to address their most urgent financial issues. His specialties were fixed income assets, options, and foreign exchange.At JP Morgan Frankfurt, he was responsible for implementing the firm’s options risk management system.

Following JP Morgan, Mr. Grigg moved to Barclays Global Investors in San Francisco, California where he worked as a trading strategist for their Capital Markets Group. In this role, he structured investments involving debt, stocks, and Latin American investments to create profit opportunities within Barclay’s securities lending portfolio. In addition, Mr. Grigg also designed and implemented a risk management tool that priced assets and measured their risks and returns.

Mr. Grigg has been serving divorce clients and managing their success since 2003. He is also an expert Forensic Accountant as well as Investment Advisor. Mr. Grigg is a qualified Expert Witness with experience testifying for his clients in front of Judges in the California Superior Court System.

A 1992 Honors graduate of Stanford University, he focused on statistics and mathematical modeling as he completed a bachelor’s degree in Economics. In addition he focused on German language and culture and is fluent in the German language.

At Harvard Business School, Mr. Grigg’s MBA studies focused on strategy with an emphasis on venture capital valuation techniques and risk control methodologies.

Mr. Grigg was formally a trustee of the Alonzo King Lines Ballet.