Financial Guidance Through Your Divorce

We Are Here From Beginning to End

Your divorce could be the single largest financial transaction of your life. With so much at stake, it makes sense to be guided by experienced divorce financial specialists.

We offer a complete range of litigation support and financial planning services focused on your unique needs. Our divorce services offer a proprietary end-to-end process to strengthen your case and protect your financial future.

1) Plan your outcome scenario:

To give you a head start, we consult with you and your divorce attorney to determine the two or three most likely asset division, spousal support, and child custody outcomes to your divorce. We then combine this information with your personal and community spending habits. Finally, using our proprietary financial planning and analysis tools, we plan for your vocational and lifestyle goals.

Using this information, we create an individualized report that illustrates the likely financial and lifestyle “scenarios” you face. Such planning gives our clients peace of mind as well as a road map to help guide them as they evaluate their divorce settlement.

2) Address your major financial issues:

We assist you and your attorney with identifying and addressing the financial issues involved in your divorce. We compute your net worth by assessing your assets, liabilities and equities.

In order to assist your attorney, we accurately and expeditiously complete documentation needed to support their legal efforts. In this stage, we will also identify any special circumstances surrounding your divorce such as hidden assets, complex valuations and vocational issues.

3) Value both sides’ assets:

We are experts at valuing businesses, stock options, and investments using all major valuation methodologies. In a normal valuation we will use two or three methods in order to prove the accuracy of our work and to give your attorney the best chance of winning your case.

Our valuation skills were developed with the help of Professors from Stanford University, London Business School and Harvard University. We have years of experience valuing assets on Wall Street and for Swiss banks. Most importantly, we have proven our valuation skills in numerous divorce cases.

4) Value hidden assets with forensic accounting:

If there are hidden assets, we have tools to identify and quantify them. Forensic accounting is a deductive form of financial analysis that begins with the known, proven, facts about a person or business and uses them to draw conclusions about the income, assets, or character of a business or person. This process is useful in divorces where there is a contention of lost, hidden, or mischaracterized assets.

5) Assure you the optimal negotiation results:

Using modern financial techniques, we can tell you if an offer you have made or received is worth more or less than your target. Together, we can develop a negotiation strategy to help you reach a mutually beneficial settlement.

6) Ensure financial plan becomes reality:

Once you have settled the case, we assist you with budgeting and investment allocation. Ongoing monitoring ensures that your financial plan, created in phase 1, becomes a reality.

We plan your divorce by isolating realistic goals and creating a timeline, the necessary steps, and a budget to achieve them. We help you execute upon the plan by framing the communications with your attorney and your spouse. We regularly benchmark progress against the plan to make sure the divorce is moving forward at the most efficient pace while ensuring you stay within your budget. Lastly, our years of experience with numerous divorces enables us to advise you on proven ways to respond to the unplanned adversity you are likely to face.