Expert Business Valuation

Many families derive a substantial amount of their income and net worth from a business they founded or own. It is often their largest asset. With divorce comes the challenge of valuing and dividing this major asset.

We are Expert Witnesses at valuation, as recognized by the California Court system. We bring specialized skills to valuing new ventures, complex financial structures, intellectual capital, private equity, and private practices. Beyond basic accounting, we utilize the theory behind valuation techniques to take the best approach to appraisal.

Key Issues:

  • Comparables: for privately held companies it can be difficult to find comparable business to use as a valuation baseline. Owners know the business well need the confidence that the valuator will use the right comparisons.
  • Complex financing: stock options, multiple financing rounds and debt complicate valuation and require advanced valuation techniques not possessed by most CPAs and forensic accountants.
  • Liquidation: once we ascertain a value, it is usually difficult for it to be liquidated so one party can take their half without disrupting or destroying the business.

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