International Divorce

Solve the Complexities of a Divorce Abroad

Couples divorcing in the US who are foreign nationals or immigrated to the US after marriage have to consider the effects of non-domestic assets, and the possibility that divorce rules from other countries might apply to their circumstance.

We have years of experience with non-domestic assets and have served clients residing on every continent except for Antarctica and Africa, with the most experience centered on Europe and Asia. For these clients we provide expert advice on:

  • Locating and capturing assets hidden outside of the US
  • Child support and visitation arrangements that are valuable and effective
  • Currency issues as they pertain to asset division
  • Avoiding common perils that face international families post divorce
  • Financial planning that supports families that reside in multiple countries.

Key Issues

  • What are the tax implications divorcing across borders?
  • Given a choice of locations, which one offers the best financial environment?
  • How do we account for investments and assets that are denominated in other currencies?

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