Pre/Post Nuptial Agreement

Understand the Implications if the Contract can be Challenged

Clients often wonder whether a pre/post nuptial agreement is valid in part or in full. Many have questions about the financial ramifications if part or all of the agreement is rendered invalid. This uncertainty creates huge amounts of financial risk and tension during a divorce. The existence of a marital agreement is not a game ender, but rather, a game changer requiring our specialized experience, professionalism and organization.

We help clients increase their understanding of the economic implications of the agreement. For example, working with legal experts, we can ascertain how much more money they might receive if they were to successfully challenge the agreement. Since pre-nuptial agreements never affect child support and custody, we can help the client understand how the agreement affects the value of child support. We also look for items that fall outside of the agreement such as omitted assets.

Key Issues:

  • How much money is the prenuptial agreement potentially worth?
  • How much more money would accrue to each spouse if the assets were divided in half?
  • What types of attorneys specialize in attacking or defending these agreements?

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