Spousal and Child Support

Plan or Modify Your Support

Collection is often a challenge and issues surrounding support can drag on for decades after the divorce ends. There are two varieties of support child support and spousal support (also known as “maintenance” or “alimony”). The two types, while related are totally different in their computation, taxation and applicability. While rules about support vary by county, there are some general approaches that apply in any setting.

We can help you:

  • Decide whether you wish to pursue support and, if so, how we would quantify the factors that go into its calculation
  • Collect on a support order
  • Implement passive mechanisms that make support more likely to be collected and paid.
  • Negotiate an end date for support
  • Integrate support into a post-divorce budget
  • Plan for support taxation

Key Issues:

  • Under which conditions would it be financially advantageous to waive support?
  • What are the tax implications of different support arrangements?
  • How much spousal and child support should you ask for?

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